Lukes Drug Mart is the oldest independent pharmacy in Calgary. As it has been family run since the beginning, it has provided a friendly atmosphere and noticeable warmth that can only be experienced when dealing with a small business. The original location has become an integrated part of Bridgeland that has grown along with the community and will continue to for decades to come.

Jim Lukes first established the pharmacy in Bridgeland in 1951. Over the next decade, a lunch counter was also operated in the store. In addition, Lukes Drug Mart ran a nearby variety store in the DeWaal block.


Throughout the 1960s, a part of the store was rented out and turned into a doctor’s office. Another part became a beauty salon. However, this did not last long and doctors’ offices were taken over during the 70s. The house adjacent to the store was bought and turned into a parking lot to accommodate the expansion. It was also during this time that Lukes Drug Mart became part of the IDA program.

Many changes came to the store in 1985 when Jim Lukes passed his business venture on to his son Bob, who took over its operations. The Lukes’ company then joined Value Drug Mart. That same year, the beauty salon space was bought out and the basement of the store was turned into selling space.


Recently, the Lukes Drug Mart chain has expanded into Tuck shops, starting with the Spruce Lodge Tuck Shop that was opened in 1999. This was closely followed in 2000 by the opening of the Aspen Lodge Tuck shop. Then nine years later, they also created the Westview Tuck Shop.

The Lukes family next acquired a new store in Killarney. The Lukes Drug Mart in this community began operations in January 2010 and hopes to eventually become as prominent and active in this area as it is in Bridgeland.