Lukes Drug Mart strives to take your care to the next level. There are a variety of services provided by our pharmacists to serve you better. We don’t simply fill your prescription; our knowledgeable staff provide counseling on the proper use of your prescriptions and recommend over the counter products, herbal products and vitamins to help suit your unique health care needs. Our personal relationship with you is important and we endeavor to familiarize ourselves with your file and medication history to prevent any drug interactions or allergic reactions and ensure that the proper drug is being prescribed. There is always a follow up when you begin a new medication to monitor your response, as well as regular checkups on your current prescriptions. We provide yearly comprehensive medication reviews on all your prescription drugs, natural health products and vitamins and if necessary, we will consult with your doctor to remedy any problems or inconsistencies.

We believe that every health issue is legitimate and will help you find solutions to even minor conditions, such as fever, cold and flu. There are bubble, blister pack, and PACMED pouch options, so that you can take your daily dosages with ease.

In addition, we aim to be an educational resource for our clientele by providing up to date drug information and health management services as well as particulars of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Other services offered at our pharmacies include blood pressure monitoring, free prescription delivery and exclusively at our Bridgeland location, the administration of injections and vaccinations.