Our choice of Four Barrel Coffee, a small roaster in San Francisco, was based on the sheer fact that their coffee blows our mind each and everyday. It is without a doubt the best coffee we’ve had the privilege to taste. The clarity and complexity enjoyed in each methodically cared for cup of their direct trade coffee, never ceases to amaze us. From the moment a coffee cherry is picked, to the time when it’s ground, tamped and pulled into the perfect shot of espresso, Four Barrel has dedicated themselves to mastering the art of coffee and has now assisted us in doing the same.

Each one of Four Barrel’s socially sustainable coffees is a result of earnest direct trade relationships, built on the mutual enthusiasm for creating the highest quality coffee possible. Just as there are no two relationships that are the same, there are also no buying practices that are one and the same. Each farmer deals with different climates, soils, plant varietals and processing methods. Yet despite this, Four Barrel continues to invest time, resources and passion towards understanding every facet of each relationship in order to vouch for the quality of their coffees. For these and many more reason we are proud to serve the delicious fruits of Four Barrel’s labour and are committed to continuing the line of meticulous and uncompromising dedication to quality.